Information About Epilepsy

Solid Information About Epilepsy

The term Epilepsy may also be known as a seizure disorder. This is actually a disorder in the brain. The nerve cell activity within the brain is the actual cause of the seizures. When a person has a seizure they will typically experience somewhat abnormal behaviors, sensations, and symptoms. If the seizure is severe, the individual may even lose consciousness. The person with Epilepsy may experience various other symptoms in between the seizures. The following items are facts about epilepsy. These include: 

• It requires a medical diagnosis.
• There is no known cure at this time. Treatment does prove helpful.
• Typically imaging and lab tests are required.
• It may last for an entire lifetime or for many years.
• It is quite often treated with medications.
• It may often be treated with surgery, dietary, and devices.

What Causes Epilepsy?

There are some common causes for Epilepsy. The following is a sample list of the most common causes. These include:

• Genetic conditions that may result in a brain injury
• A low oxygen level at the time of birth
• Meningitis or encephalitis infection
• Brain tumors

How we and other can help combat it

The Epilepsy Foundation is on a mission to find a cure for this and to ensure that the challenges that are associated with this are overcome. The efforts include research, advocacy, education, and enhanced ideas that would up-date the current therapies. We can all play a part in combatting Epilepsy by:

• Staying informed.
• Donating to the research.
• Offer assistance to those who have Epilepsy.
• Provide emotional support.
• Find a way to get involved.
• Become an advocate. 

The ultimate goal would be to discover a cure for Epilepsy. Everyone has the ability to do something to combat this disorder. Everything you do will get us closer to the end goal.

A Few Words Of Appreciation

There are two companies who have really helped and done their part in the fight to assist those people with Epilepsy. Their participation has made a huge impact on their community. These two companies are well deserving of a round of gratitude and appreciation.

1. Aire Urban fitness in San Diego; this company has provided free workout sessions to many individuals who have greatly benefited.

2. Milano's; this company has offered free shuttle services to those who suffer with epilepsy. 

Thank you to both of these companies for assisting those who are in need. It is greatly appreciated by family members and your community.